The "Steam Team" is a group consisting of the sixteen core characters of the "NWRNN - Sodor News Network", first implemented in the presentation pilot. The group consists of Thomas Billington, Edward Stewart, Henry Stanier, Gordon Gresley, James Hughes, Percy Avonside, Tobias "Toby" Holden, Montague "Duck" Pannier, Donald and Douglas McIntosh, Oliver Swindon, Daisy Metro-Cammell, BoCo Bowesfield, Mavis Drewry, Stanley Hudswell and Emily Sterling.


  • The engines don't really have last names, but the Steam Team was given them in order to appeal news viewers.
  • Toby is the only member of the Steam Team who does not have a home at Tidmouth Depot.
  • Gordon is the only member of the Steam Team who does not support the news show.


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