Noah Diggs
Noah Diggs
Noah Diggs
Date of Birth
October 6, 1999
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
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Noah Diggs is one of the primary cast members of EATL Films. He is also one of the main actors in Clue, portraying the role of Professor Plum, as well as one of the upcoming actors in The Railway Series, portraying the role of the Mayor of Sodor.


Early LifeEdit

Diggs was born in 1999 in St. Petersburg, Florida.


In 2013, Diggs was cast in Sex Ed as a student, in the process meeting fellow cast members Elijah Adams, Julia King, and Shelby Ronea.

In 2015, Diggs joined the company EATL Films as a primary cast member. In July 2015, Diggs appeared in the action-adventure short film Sangria Lift a film about thrill-seeking teenagers changing many people's lives through one impulsive act. In September 2015, Diggs was cast in a starring role as Professor Plum in the comedy-mystery film, Clue. However, due to many halts on production, the project currently remains shelved.

In 2017, Diggs has been cast as the Mayor of Sodor in the first season of the EATL Films series The Railway Series.[1]


Gallery of behind the scene stills released to promote the actor.

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