Michael Pine
Michael Pine
Michael Grant Pine
Date of Birth
January 25, 2000
Tampa, Florida, USA
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Michael Pine is one of the primary cast members of EATL Films. He is also one of the former main actors in Clue, portraying the role of Mr. Boddy and one of the main actors in The Railway Series, portraying the roles of Percy and Charlie Sand.


Early LifeEdit

Pine was born in 2000 in Tampa, Florida. Pine has been acting for his whole life making short videos with friends and uploading them to YouTube. Outside of acting he plays baseball for his school and also runs track.


Pine started taking acting classes from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 actress, Eugenie Bondurant at Patel Conservatory in St. Petersburg, Florida, alongside Shelby Ronea and Quinn Nelson. Recently, Michael was director of photography for the film Interlude.

In 2016, Pine joined the company EATL Films as a primary cast member. In February 2016, Pine was cast in a starring role as Mr. Boddy in the comedy-mystery film, Clue. However, due to many halts on production, the project currently remains shelved.

In July 2018, Pine will begin starring in the EATL Films series The Railway Series as Percy and Charlie Sand.


Gallery of behind the scene stills released to promote the actor.

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